Caesarian Section

Unfortunately, Caesarian Sections (C-Sections) are on the rise world-wide. Even in poorer more undeveloped 2nd and 3rd world countries do we find women opting more and more to have their babies surgically removed from their bodies, rather than giving birth naturally? The C-section rates can be as high as 40% in these countries. In the US, over the past decade, surgical delivery has approached the 30% mark with Caesarean births accounting for almost one out of every three deliveries. Just a few years ago it was only 1 out of 4 births. It’s hard understand why this is so, giving multiple scientific studies concluding that there is a higher risk of maternal morbidity and mortality with Caesarian births than with natural births.

There are many reasons for this shift from natural childbirth to a medical birth, much of the increase do to misunderstanding, lack of knowledge, the desire on the woman’s part to avoid pain, and unwillingness of the medical establishment to embrace more natural methods of bringing babies into the world. Other reasons for the increase may be due to medical and legal pressures, insurance and provider preferences, changed standards of obstetric practice, concerns about convenience, and fear of prolonged or failed labor.

It is extremely important for all women to explore the risks and ramifications of opting for a Caesarian birth, especially if they are of low risk. And it’s important for all health care practitioners to be fully informed and knowledgeable about all issues surrounding surgical births and to pass this information along in a clear and understandable manner to patients under their care.